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Cycle Tours | Dolphin Watch | Coconut Tree Climbing | Overland Safari | Jet Ski on the Sea | Sand Biking | Jungle Book To create a more

Experience Details

  • Days ApplicableAll Days
  • DurationAll To
  • Timing
  • Room Rate : Rs. 12000
  • Extra Adult : Rs. 12000
  • Extra Child : Rs. 12000
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The ‘Expedition Packages have many top of the line to extreme adventures and depending upon season – monsoon, winter and summer, a different set of adventures are done. Any 2 Eco Adventures from Glamping Full Service Fort Hikes, Cycle Tour, Trail Biking, Mountain Biking or Pinnacle Climbing are done as per season. These are enjoyed by the 18 to 55 years of age guests. Download the ebrochure by clicking here